modern classic
overdrive as a plugin

AU / VST3   (AAX coming soon)   ·   Open Source
Coded with  🎸 in Münster

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Current version 0.9.7 is compatible with Logic Pro, Cubase, Reaper, Ableton Live and our all time favourite Magix Music Maker. Pro Tools support is coming soon. Note that this is still a beta version.


My name is Janos, I like playing e-guitar & tweaking my guitar pedalboard as a hobby. I'm working as an audio software programer and studied electrical engineering. Coming from this background, I thought that the (guitar/audio) world would need a good sounding, good looking & free open source guitar distortion plugin.

So... May I introduce to you: The Schrammel OJD. Just add it to your FX chain before your digital amp simulation of choice and get that distortion sound that simply fits the mix perfectly.

Thanks goes out to my employer Sonible for supporting me with this project. Head over to the Sonible online shop and have a look at their great plugins as well.

The OJD is released under a GPL-3.0 license. I believe that free and open software is a great thing in a free and open world. A propos, if the OJD reminds you of a pedal built by someone who got quite unpopular in the summer 2020 because of his questionable posts regarding the events during the #blacklivesmatter protests, I want you to know that for me a free and open world does not only need free and open source software but should first of all be free from any form of discrimination and racism. Although I personally also reject violent forms of protest, I want to distance myself clearly from his statements, I'm a fan of the sound but not of the inventor of that circuit. I see peaceful protest as right way to drive political change and I want to express my support for the goals of #blacklivesmatter. Maybe this plugin is a nice way of enjoying that sound without looking at the logo of a company you find questionable in some ways yourself...


Schrammel OJD is heavily inspired by the schematics of a modern classic analog pedal, digitally built with my favourite C++ framework JUCE.
I plan to post some nerdy in-depth technical background information on the modeling approach of the OJD as well as some audio programing stuff to my blog from time to time. If you'd like to study the code or even build the plugin from source yourself in the meantime, have a look at the OJD Git repository

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